The Gartner report, "Creating Powerful Customer Experiences with a 360-Degree View of Your Products" is no longer available compliments of Magnitude. If you are interested in the report, you may purchase it directly from Gartner. We apologize for any inconvenience.

From the report:

"A trusted 360-degree view can be extended to unite data assets, including transactional, interactional and observational data. With this extension, data and analytics leaders can "close the loop" between business outcomes and the resulting customer interactions, and organizations can better enable customer-centric business objectives."

Create relevant customer-centric experiences by shifting from siloed insight to unified insights—and extending a 360 degree product view that connects non-master data assets to product master data.

Gartner, "Create Powerful Customer Experiences With a 360-Degree View of Your Products", by Simon James Walker & Michael Patrick Moran, Published October 17, 2017.