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It’s time for factcheck around the common misconceptions associated to Product Information Management (PIM) that you may encounter on your digital commerce journey

The science of managing information about products has existed for decades, although, Product Information Management (PIM) is a relatively new branch of Data Management. Historically, the solutions required to manage product content have been complex, since that data has multiple touch-points and affects the 3 pillars – People, Process and Technology.

With a shift in the industry to promote business-focused, data-driven organizations, PIM was invented with a purpose to ease the collection, management and syndication of data, in a simple, easy and concise manner. However, there are still some myths from its past that you may encounter on your digital commerce journey.

At Agility Multichannel, we believe these historical points of views are confusing. So, it’s important to not only dispel the common myths about PIM, but provide insight into the reality.