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Financial institutions of all shapes and sizes are facing a battery of regulations that have at their heart the intent of avoiding a repetition of the Credit Crisis of 2008 onward. Whether targeted at asset owners like insurers, fund managers, or investment banks and custodians, the common thread is transparency.

This regulatory onus is translating into a need for financial firms across the board to review the data collection, integration and management systems that underlie their regulatory reporting processes. For many, the regulators’ new emphasis on transparency is exposing gaps in their ability to source and manage accurate data so they can meet their regulatory obligations in a timely way.

Download this white paper researched by Data Management Review and produced by A-Team Group, and learn how taking a business-model-driven approach, coupled with significant automation, reduces the time, energy and cost spent on the technical effort of designing, building and maintaining a flexible and responsive data warehouse and Master Data Management environment for managing the data for regulatory reporting.