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Take a tour of Noetix Search and learn how easy it is to find the information about your Noetix installation you need for your reports. Both NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics users will benefit from this powerful, flexible, and scalable approach for exploring Noetix business intelligence content.

You can browse through your views and analytics using a hierarchy based on subject areas. You can also search like you would using your favorite search engine by entering a few keywords.

Demo Spotlight features:

  • Intuitive UI with Guided Navigation
    Search across any or all instances of NoetixViews and/or Noetix Analytics.

    NoetixViews users may search by view names, view column names, table names, and table column name. Through guided navigation you can filter or narrow results by roles, modules, or Oracle configuration.

    The product enables Noetix Analytics users to search Noetix content by relationship sets, relationship set fields, data warehouse tables and columns.
  • Graphical Layout of Related Information
    Within Noetix Search, NoetixViews users can see a graphical representation of the relationships between objects, including related Noetix views, other views to join to, database tables, view columns, and more. From this graphical layout, users can easily click to display the details of any related object.

    Noetix Analytics users benefit from a diagram of the star schema and more.