Which BI Tool is Right for Me? 
Focus on QlikView

Are you looking to replace Discoverer or maybe extend OBI EE’s visualization capabilities with QlikView or Tableau? The focus of this three-part series is to take an in-depth look at popular BI tools, specifically the benefits and limitations of each.  When it comes to evaluating BI tools, data provisioning is often overlooked.  We'll look at connectivity to the underlying Oracle E-Business Suite data source, the business representation of the data, and row-level security to ensure users only see the data for which they have access.

  • QlikView Overview
  • QlikView Demo — Creation a QlikView script to connect to data and then building an app (data visualization)
  • Benefits and Challenges for Line of Business as well as IT — Topics covered include: data visualization, transitioning from ungoverned to governed data, deployment, self-service BI, data access, data security, and data consistency
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