11i to R12—Got a Report Migration Strategy?
The jury's no longer out—upgrading to Release 12 wreaks havoc on your existing reports. Significant application changes introduced in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 are breaking reports critical to daily operations. If you think your end users are struggling now, just wait until their key reports aren't ready when you go live.

Attend this Web seminar and learn how to mitigate the risk of broken reports and lower the cost of maintenance.
  • Report Migration Strategies
    Explore the pros and cons of different approaches: wait and see, deal with it now (do it yourself or outsource), or deal with it later.
  • Product Demonstration
    Compare the same report in 11i and Release 12 and see for yourself how Noetix shields established queries from data structure changes.
  • Case Studies
    Noetix customers share their upgrade experiences related to reporting and the integral role Noetix played in their success.
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