Pressured to Move Off Discoverer? Explore Your Options
If you're getting pressure to move away from Oracle Discoverer, you're not alone. Moving to OBI EE, possibly in conjunction with an implementation of Oracle BI Applications, is a decision facing many Discoverer customers.

If you've researched this topic, you know a project of this nature is likely to be expensive and time-consuming. You may not know that, even if you do that migration, your users won't have many of the capabilities they take for granted today with Discoverer. For example, building simple reports against your relational database is much more complex in OBI EE.

Like you, many customers want to continue to get value from their existing investments. Fortunately, you have other options and Noetix can help you pursue them. View this Web seminar and learn:
  • What is the truth about ongoing support for Discoverer?
    What options will be available from Oracle, for how long, and at what cost?
  • What is the truth about migrating to OBI EE?
    Does OBI EE, which is now Oracle’s flagship BI platform, offer a suitable replacement for Discoverer? What challenges might you face if you try to migrate to it?
  • What other options exist?
    Can you migrate to other BI platforms? What might that process look like?
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