NoetixViews for Oracle Quality 30-minute Spotlight
You're capturing Oracle Quality data, but can you easily access your collection plan results to meet your organization's reporting needs? Once you detect a quality problem can you quickly isolate its source to a specific piece of equipment or an inadequate inspection process? Can you perform ad hoc analysis on your results and drill from summary to detail?

Noetix, the Oracle E-Business Suite reporting experts, can help you do all this, and more. With NoetixViews for Oracle Quality you can instantly access information about collection plans, specifications, elements, and action rules. Perhaps most critically, Noetix offers powerful solutions for accessing your collection plan results, including at the individual plan and plan type levels. Your results are returned in intuitively named columns that match your element names, making for unprecedented fast and easy report development.

In this 30-minute Spotlight you'll learn about NoetixViews for Oracle Quality as well as these other key benefits offered by Noetix:
  • Generated Business Views and Reports You Can Customize
    Automatically generates business views and reports that reflect the unique configuration of your Quality application and can be easily changed to meet specific Business Intelligence requirements.
  • Upgrade Protection
    Shields established queries from data structure changes common to application upgrades such as 11i to Release 12.0.
  • Power Up Your Query Tools of Choice
    Works with a full range of query and reporting tools including Noetix WebQuery, Discoverer, Oracle BI, IBM Cognos BI, SAP Business Objects, and more.
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