NoetixViews and Tableau 10-minute Spotlight
Learn how to quickly build Tableau visualizations and analyses with Oracle E-Business Suite data using NoetixViews.

Tableau can connect to and retrieve data from an Oracle E-Business Suite database through Tableau’s Oracle database connection, and yet reporting is very complex due to the underlying data structure. Noetix solves this problem and more, making it easy for Tableau users to access the data they need from Oracle E-Business Suite applications through business-friendly views for most of the major EBS modules.

This on-demand event includes a demo, which shows how to connect to your Oracle EBS data from within Tableau through NoetixViews to answer common business questions such as who are our biggest customers and are they the most profitable? Tableau intelligently segments the views into dimensions such as customer and product as well as measures for numeric data such as price, quantity, revenue, cost, and margin. Through a tree map, you can visually identify certain characteristics such as sales figures to answer your questions and then drill to detail for further analyses.
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