Noetix BI – Enabling Federal Business Intelligence
The environment for doing agency business has changed. Budgetary pressures have always been one factor driving the future of financial systems and their Business Intelligence reporting. But today, budget has become the dominant factor. Agencies have no choice but to cut costs. Their challenge is to save money while providing reliable information that leads to good decisions and better results for the Agency. They need to look to proven innovative tools to facilitate success in their new and ever-changing environment. Change is never easy, but the good news is the innovation to enable agencies to adapt to the new environment is available today and used throughout both the public and private sectors. Join us as we explore:
  • A New Direction – Times Have Changed: Understand the factors driving change.
  • Innovation – Sustainment Strategy for the Future: Understand the challenges that must be overcome to leverage technology innovation.
  • Innovative Characteristics Realized: Consider a sound strategy to gain access to information by quickly transforming Agency data into operational and decision support assets.
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