Enabling True Analytic Agility – Bring Your Own Tool (BYOT)
The Briefing Room with Wayne Eckerson and Noetix

Despite all the talk of standardization, BI and data discovery tools vary widely, with new and innovative products rolling out all the time. Different departments within organizations have varied needs and that's not going to change. If users can easily find and understand their data in the tools they prefer, it's best to let them!

Register for this on-demand event (an episode of The Bloor Group's – The Briefing Room), and hear from veteran Analyst Wayne Eckerson of the BI Leadership Forum and formerly TDWI regarding the BI tools market. He'll be briefed by Noetix product managers, who will explain how a metadata repository is key to maintaining accuracy and governance while also allowing users to explore data in a fashion that suits them.

Listen in as Wayne asks these key questions:
  • How "Oracle" is Noetix's enterprise data model?
  • What was the driving force to integrate non-Oracle data sources and support for multiple BI tools
  • Why should an Oracle EBS customer consider Noetix instead of the Oracle packaged analytical app?
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