Announcing NoetixViews for Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning
Timely, accurate business intelligence is essential to companies using Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP). Unfortunately, Oracle ASCP provides limited value-added standard reports, nor is it easy for organizations to develop the complex reports they need to meet their unique requirements.

Through collaboration with our customers and in partnership with Inspirage, the premier consulting firm specializing in the implementation of ASCP, Noetix has developed the first reporting solution designed and optimized to meet the Oracle ASCP reporting challenge.

Attend this web seminar to learn how NoetixViews for ASCP:
  • Automatically Generates Business Views for ASCP
    Users of Noetix WebQuery, Oracle Discoverer, Cognos, BusinessObjects or any leading query tool can develop dashboards and complex, value-added reports in just minutes.
  • Enables Aggregate Reporting
    Supply chain planners can focus their attention on problem areas, such as late sales orders and exceptions that require immediate attention.
  • Simplifies Access to Supply Chain Data
    Data such as safety stock, horizontal plans, and pegging; as well as key metrics such as forecast consumption and plan exceptions.
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