Lessons from Leaders: Ralph Hughes on Building Agile Data Warehouses
Agile methods are now well established for transactional applications, but their appropriateness for data warehouse automation projects is still hotly debated. In this presentation, Ralph Hughes, a veteran agile practitioner, outlines the strategies he employs to make incremental data warehousing imminently doable.

In this session, Ralph describes how teams can accelerate enterprise data warehousing via three means:
  • An iterative and incremental delivery method that eliminates the need for lengthy specification efforts
  • A new generation of data management products to dramatically reduce the amount of hand-coded objects required
  • Techniques for steadily evolving the end-user’s data rather than focusing solely on the transformation code
Discover how, when braided together, these three threads yield an Agile Data Warehousing for enterprise-class programs that in a benchmark project drove quality defects to zero while increasing programmer productivity by a factor of three.
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