Digital Ingredients to Revolutionize Business Insights
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Data fragmentation continues to be a problem for organizations large and small—and it’s only getting worse as the popularity of cloud-based applications grows. Learn how to combat data fragmentation challenges with information supply chain best practices.

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Join Mark Smith of Ventana Research as he interviews Darren Peirce of Magnitude on how Magnitude is helping business stakeholders secure the right “ingredients” to improve decision-making, derive greater value from corporate data, and eliminate fragmentation.

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Mark Smith  

   Darren Peirce        
CEO & Chief Research Officer       CTO & VP Product
Ventana Research Magnitude Software, Inc.

Watch the webcast to discover how your organization can:

  • Access and leverage all your data, no matter how many sources you collect data from
  • Solve data fragmentation problems within your line of business—with minimal technical overhead 
  • Overcome strategic problems with help from the many components of Magnitude’s solutions