Why traditional ERP falls short, plus the potential of postmodern ERP.

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Key findings and insight for an ERP future that boosts your digital business.

Download the Gartner report: 2018 Strategic Roadmap for Postmodern ERP and we believe you'll discover how to make a plan that delivers the digital business success your organization aspires to. Get four key findings and four recommendations for putting that strategy in place. And find out why we feel traditional ERP is falling short as a digital foundation … and what it will take to stay on course with the postmodern ERP approach. 

From the Gartner report:

"As we move deeper into the postmodern ERP era, the major delivery models for adoption are becoming clearer. The four postmodern ERP scenarios we originally posited in 2013 — hybrid, on-premises, outsourced everything and flip (cloud) — have now coalesced into three: on-premises monolith, hybrid reality and cloud model … ”

Get the report: 2018 Strategic Roadmap for Postmodern ERP.

Gartner, “2018 Strategic Roadmap for Postmodern ERP,” by Paul Saunders, Denise Ganly, and Mike Guay. Published: January 17, 2018.

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