Introducing Noetix Enterprise Manager and NoetixViews Workbench 2.2

Featuring enhanced keys and joins, and a new app for running incremental regeneration in NoetixViews

The line of business demand for better information faster puts relentless pressure on your operational reporting solution. BI professionals need to be responsive and agile, and deliver optimized solutions in meeting new requirements from users. NoetixViews Workbench users can create more robust designs, deploy them in minutes, and satisfy their users’ demands faster than ever before.

Watch this web seminar and learn more about these key enhancements:

  • Answer more questions using reports based on multiple views with joins based on composite keys
  • Enable your BI tool to construct the optimal query by setting join properties and cardinality to precisely match the business rules of your data
  • Automated staging of your NoetixViews Workbench customizations directly to the NoetixViews install directory
  • Deploy your customization changes in minutes with the new incremental regeneration process
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